​Aaron "A-Cee" Chappell, was born Springfield, MA.  At 13, Aaron began dancing and singing with the Frank Hatchett Performing Arts Company in Springfield.  Aaron created a teenage singing group called "Images", which was mentored by Personal Touch members Kevin and James as well as Marcus Pitts.  The group performed in local talent shows and showcases, as well as performances at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, the Coast Guard Academy in New London, and the Broadway Dance Center in New York City.  They also competed against New Edition in Boston area talent shows.

From a dance performance perspective, Aaron’s highlights include appearing in a music video with music legend Grace Jones, dancing with the Dance Olympus Tour in Las Vegas, NV, and being a finalist for a national audition for Berry Gordy’s movie production, The Last Dragon.

After a lengthy absence from music, Aaron encountered Personal Touch at an event in 2021.  After a few rehearsals it became clear Aaron was a great fit with Personal Touch... and the rest is history!

​Aaron Chappell aka "A-Cee"

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